How is a Reiki treatment given? Reiki can be given in many ways, the first way would be in person when the practitioner would place their hands on the client’s body using the seven main energy centers or chakras. The client remains fully clothed and will relax on a massage table as the practitioner balances their energy. The client usually would relax with eyes closed, and it’s ok to fall asleep, your body will still receive the energy. It’s also ok to open your eyes and talk to the practitioner at any time too, it’s all personal preference! If the person receiving would prefer to not be touched, Reiki also works if the practitioner just hovers their hands a few inches above the body in the person’s energy field.

Reiki can also be sent “at a distance” this can be done via Skype, phone, or just an agreed upon time that the practitioner would “send” the Reiki to the client. I can work with any of these options if you are not close enough to come to my office. Contact me and we can discuss what is best for you. 

What will I feel during a Reiki treatment? The physical sensations vary from person to person. Some people report feeling a “pulsing” sensation in their body as the energy moves. You might feel a temperature change, either throughout your body (this can be cooler or warmer than your usual) or you may feel a more intense heat at the area being worked on. Or, you may feel nothing at all! Rest assured, even if you have no physical sensation during a treatment, the energy is still working within your body. 

How will I feel after a Reiki treatment? Most people report feeling very relaxed and calm, yet happy at the same time. This feeling may last for several days. Usually people say they also feel a greater sense of peace overall. I had one client describe the feeling as if they had had “an internal shower”.  You may have reduced pain in areas that were previously causing you problems, though there are no guarantees of that, but it does happen!

Is Reiki a religion? No. Although Reiki is of a spiritual nature, it has no religious dogma attached to it. Reiki practitioners come from many different religious/spiritual backgrounds and it is not necessary for them to change their religious views to practice Reiki.

Who will benefit from a Reiki treatment? Reiki is a gentle and safe practice that can bring benefits to everyone. It is safe for people of all ages, and animals and plants benefit from Reiki too. 

See my About Jennifer page to learn how I became a Reiki practitioner and what it means to me.