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Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art that can relieve pain and stress, and produce relaxation, which provides a better sense of overall well-being, improving the immune system and aiding in the body’s natural ability towards healing both physically and emotionally.

Some Benefits of Reiki

These are just some of the positive results that can occur from a Reiki treatment.

  • Opens the energy in the body to allow for healing
  • Provides relaxation and stress relief
  • Can reduce pain with the healing power of touch
  • Helps open energy centers to make room for healing change physically and emotionally
  • This loving energy is nuturing to the body, mind, and spirit

The Original Reiki Ideals

The concept of Reiki is based off of the following principles. They are wonderful guidelines that everyone can live by to promote a healthy, loving, accepting way of living. This is the spirit that Reiki is shared in.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living being

*Reiki cannot “cure” disease or illness, but it does help the natural healing ability within the body to move freely. 

See the “What is Reiki” page for a more information about Reiki